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Citizens United for the Trump Agenda

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Donald Trump won a historic national victory on November 8, 2016.

Donald Trump is the ultimate political outsider who was elected president of the United States to reform a broken federal government and to Make America Great Again.

Citizens United and our 500,000 members nationwide were early advocates for many of the issues and reforms that became the Trump agenda.

Citizens United has been working closely with President Donald Trump for years.

Through our national Freedom Summit series, Citizens United provided Donald Trump with an early platform to get his “America first” message out.

Citizens United for the Trump Agenda will focus on getting the following critical initiatives and issues enacted:

  • A qualified conservative must be nominated and confirmed as Justice Antonin Scalia’s successor on the United States Supreme Court
  • Trump cabinet nominees must all be confirmed by the United States Senate without delay.
  • Our borders must be secured, a wall must be built, sanctuary cities must end, and LEGAL immigration must be promoted to help restore the American Dream. 
  • A Congressional term limits constitutional amendment must be passed by Congress and sent to the states for approval this year.
  • We must have a strong national defense and Radical Islamic terrorism must be acknowledged, confronted, and destroyed. 
  • Tax cuts and tax code simplification must be voted on by Congress and signed into law by President Trump.
  • Obamacare must be repealed and replaced as a top priority.
  • Overly burdensome job-killing regulations must be focused on by the legislative and executives branches of government and discarded.

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