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Republicans Must Fight For Conservative Immigration Reform

Fixing our nation’s illegal Immigration problem is a top priority for conservative Americans who believe in the rule of law!

Conservative Americans will hold Washington politicians from both parties accountable for not standing up to Obama’s illegal amnesty order.

Americans are sick and tired of Washington inaction and indifference to the lawlessness of illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration has been driving down wages for American workers for decades.

Blue collar workers seeking jobs not only see lower wages, but their opportunities diminished.

Walk into most any emergency room in America and you will find illegal immigrants seeking care that they cannot afford.

The resources spent on social services for illegal immigrants come from the same taxpayer funds that are supposed to pay for the services of American citizens.

Legal immigrants in America of all backgrounds see this dynamic as fundamentally unfair. Those who followed the rules and paid their dues (and taxes) and who are now collecting the rewards of their perseverance feel double-crossed by the system that promised them one thing and practices another.

We must secure the border, build a wall, enforce the law, end sanctuary cities, and promote LEGAL immigration, which will help protect our citizens and restore the American Dream. 

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